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A Growing Niche

World outbound travel will experience solid growth in 2018. According to IPK International’s World Travel Monitor (WTM), the global outbound travel market topped $2 trillion in 2017. By 2030, the new world middle class is expected to double, resulting in 1.5 billion more people eager to travel around the world!

Your Audience Reads A Lot

Before anyone steps into a new country, they are always hungry for information. Your blog could provide this service by giving people information on places of interest, the best local delicacies and things to be wary of.

Your Audience Spends A Lot

When someone is planning for their trip, that’s when they start to spend money. (Most of the time, lots of it). Sign up for affiliate programs, such as through a hotel booking website or Amazon then insert your special links into your articles. If a reader then clicks on one of those links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Is This Niche Hot?

Travel is a super hot money niche. According to Google Keyword Planner,

travel related keywords command high exact-matched searches every month:

Is This Niche Evergreen?

According to Google Trend, this is an evergreen niche

where products and services will always be in demand

Get Your Travel Blog Now

You get everything you need to start making money in the travel niche. Below are the details:

Premium WordPress Blog

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This blog will change its layout in accordance with the dimensions of the device viewing it. Looks great on desktop and mobile devices.

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We’ve set up several high converting products on every post. All banners go out to different merchants who pay good commission for every sale you send them! All you have to do is add in your affiliate link.

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What About Support?


We’re there for you every step of the way. Need help? No problem! We’re just an e-mail away.


Plus our installation guide shows you how to get this blog up and running on your domain fast!

Still don’t know how to install it? For $35, we’ll install it for you.


Premium Travel Blog


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Premium WordPress Blog

Mobile-Optimized Blog

Installation & Traffic Guide

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Access to All 6 Premium Blogs

One-Time Investment

Premium WordPress Blogs

Mobile-Optimized Blogs

Installation & Traffic Guide

Up & Running in 10 Minutes

Some Common Questions

I just can't understand the idea of getting a pre-made blog. Please explain how it works.

The whole purpose of buying a pre-made blog is to leverage our skill to save you time and money.

You don’t have to waste time building sites from scratch, messing around with HTML code, resizing images to fit your theme or get lost in the ton of other tasks required to set-up a blog.

Buying a custom-made blog is not only expensive, but also very risky. I’ve seen so many stories of marketers that hire the wrong freelancers. Endless waiting, delays on projects, some freelancers stop communication and thousands of dollars go up in flames.

Who knows, you might be dealing with a part-timer trying to make a few bucks to pay for tuition fees. When you buy our pre-made blogs, you see the ‘ready-made’ product. You buy exactly what you see. You can be up and running in less than a day.

When you set-up one of our blogs on your own domain, produce your own articles (or hire freelancer writers to do it), then you’ll immediately make your site unique in Google’s eyes.

That’s how most smart marketers turn a pre-made blog template into unique blogs, allowing them to quickly market into new niches with minimal investment of time or money.

If I buy this premade blog, what’s next?

To get started, here are the steps:

1) Buy this blog.

2) Decide on the domain name you want. Register your domain name at (around $10/domain).

3) Order a reliable web hosting plan. Most budget hosts are less than $10/month to host unlimited domains.

4) Install the blog on your web host. In the download package, we show you how to do it in less than 10 minutes.

Can I buy your blog for a pre-existing blog that I have? I love your design. Basically, I want to overhaul my blog using yours.

Yes, you can. As long as you’re using WordPress for your blog, you can use our premade blog.

Just upload everything to your blog. You’ll still retain the old content and the permalink of your existing WordPress blog.

If you understand WordPress (our blogs are powered by WordPress) and you know how to switch themes, set up sidebar widgets etc; then it’s an easy process.

Is domain included?

Domain is not included. Just register a domain name at for around $10.

Can you make any suggestions for domain name?

If you need domain name suggestions, we can help you with that. It’s $35 (for each blog). Just click this link to pay via PayPal.

Once you’ve paid, send us your payment receipt or PayPal ID, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. You can contact us here via our support page.

Once we have your payment, we’ll spend time researching and send you a list of domain names with the best TLDs: .com, .org and .net.

Once we send you the list, you just pick one and grab it at around $10 from This saves you a lot of money as opposed to buying registered domains from domain brokers at hundreds of dollars each.

Which hosting do you recommend?

We recommend Siteground. We use them on our own blog and websites. Start with the lowest package, you can always upgrade your plan in the future when your traffic grows.

Can you install the blog for me?

Sure. If you’re too busy to mess with the set-up, just send us an additional $25 and we’ll get the blog up and running on your web host. Just click this link to pay via PayPal.

After you have paid, just send us your purchase receipt and your web host cPanel login details. Your blog will be up and running in 48 hours.

You can contact us here via our support page.

Is your blog customizable?

Yes, all our blogs are fully customizable.

You can customize the fonts and images. You can switch the color theme and change the background color as well.

If you want to promote other affiliate products on the side bar, just upload new banner ads and insert new affiliate links. It’s easy.

You can replace all articles and blog post images too.

Also, if you have any questions on setting everything up you have our full support. You can reach us here on our support page.

What about the blog posts? Should I write my own posts or outsource the writing?
That’s totally up to an individual.

If a person understands his topic well, he can write his own articles and publish them on the niche blog he purchases from us. Ideally, this is the best way to do it as that injects a more personal touch to the content.

But not everyone is a pro in the new niche he adopts. There is a way out… If he doesn’t know his topic well, initially he can outsource the writing.

After reading the articles he hired to be written, he can get into the swing of the thing, start performing his own research into the niche and what his market is looking for so he understands what his audience loves to read.

If you find yourself in such a situation, please drop us a line so we can discuss your needs.

Is everyone receiving the exact same blog?

You are buying a pre-made blog. Yes, every buyer gets the same content.

Just by producing your own articles, or by outsourcing it to a freelance writer to do it, you’ll immediately turn your blog unique in Google’s eyes.

That’s how most smart marketers turn a pre-made blog template into a unique blog. This provides a way you can quickly market into new niches with minimal investment.

Regarding graphic headers and images; it doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to change them if you don’t want to. Graphics on your site aren’t important for Google rankings.

Are there options to make the package more unique, and is there an extra charge?


If you need help customizing your blogs, we can help. We can customize the blog layout, change graphics/images and write articles for you.

Just write us about the things you need help with customizing your blog here on our support page, and we’ll give you a quote once we know your requirements.

How do I make money from my blog?

On each niche blog, we have set up banner ads on the sidebar. Once you’ve set up your blog, just add your affiliate links (our quick start guide show you how).

When your visitors click on the ads, they’ll get redirected to the merchant’s page. Their browsers are tracked with your affiliate links. When they buy there, you get paid.

In the quick start guide, we’ll show you where to locate your affiliate links and how to set them up on your blog.

How much sales or affiliate income can I expect from my blog?
There is a lot of money to be made in each niche market we choose to build our blogs around.

We’ve set up some of the best converting products/offers we can locate for each niche site. Once your blog is up and running, it’s ready to convert traffic into sales. You’ll just have to drive traffic to your blog.

Your income depends on your ability to drive traffic (you can outsource this, need advice? Contact us here), and the time and effort you are willing to spend on each project.

Also, every niche is different. Some niches make you more money and some less. Honestly, it’s hard for us (or any honest provider) to answer the question. We can throw in any numbers just to satisfy your curiosity but that’s just not the way we do things.

We see many providers throw in specific numbers to buyers, but that doesn’t happen in the real world. It all depends on many factors like niche selections, competition, merchant’s conversion rate etc. We have customers making a couple hundred dollars and we have customers making thousands per blog each month on certain niches. We made $12,000 in 10 days by selling an online course to our blog readers (details here).

I think you get it.

Pick a niche you’re passionate about. Work on it, add content and grow your audience. Learn more about marketing, list building and SEO while you’re working on your blog. Outsource the work you are not comfortable with doing yourself.

Allow some time and you will be successful.

Can I add AdSense to the blog?

Yes, you can set up AdSense on the blogs, and it is very easy.

First, install this free plugin on the blog.

Next, copy and paste your AdSense code on to your site and you’re done! It takes less than 5 minutes.

I’ve decided to make a purchase. How long will it take to receive the blog?

After you’ve paid for each blog, you’ll be redirected to the download link immediately.

The entire purchase process is automated. You’ll get to download your purchase even if it’s 3 a.m.

If you buy multiple blog packages, contact us here on our support page, send us your Paypal transaction ID, and tell us the blogs you’ve paid for. We’ll send you everything within 24 hours.

How do I contact you guys if I have further questions?

You can contact us here via our support page.

Question? Ask Us

Drop us your questions, we’ll get back in 24 hours.